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How to Get The Most Out Of Your Google Ad Campaigns

Google Ad campaigns done right are a good way to drive highly qualified traffic to your website. Done wrong, you can waste money on clicks without getting conversions. The key to running a successful Google Ads campaign is to make sure people notice your ad, click on it and then call you or convert on your landing page.

Where to Advertise

Google Search Network ads, which you see on the search results page, have higher click-through rates than Display Network ads. Display ads appear on Gmail, YouTube, and other Google properties. You will get more impressions on the Display Network, however, consumers looking to buy usually start with a Google search.

Choose Relevant Keywords for Your Ad Copy

You want to bid on keywords with a high search volume which shows commercial intent. Use the AdWords Keyword Planner to build ad groups and specific campaigns with your keywords.

Next, you’ll write ad copy which reflects the user’s intent, Since you get two lines, use the second line to state your value proposition and how choosing your brand benefits the user.

Geotarget Your Audience and Schedule Your Ad 

Make the most of your Google Ad campaign budget by specifying who sees your ad. An attorney who practices in New Jersey wouldn’t want their ad shown to people in other states. If you are an online retailer who ships internationally, exclude countries where you do not offer shipping.

If you have a local business open during the daytime only, exclude your ad from showing when you are closed and there is no one to answer the phone.

Use Extensions

Extensions are very useful, especially the click-to-call extension for smartphone users. Imagine you’re frantically looking for an emergency plumber. The ad offering 24-hour service with a phone number you can click on will get more attention than one without the extension.

Quality Score

Learn how Google determines your ad’s quality score. They look at how relevant your ad is to the keyword and the quality and relevancy of your landing page. Google wants people who click on ads to have the same good experience as they do with organic listings. If your ad has a high-quality score, you’ll pay less per click and rank higher.

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